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How Technology is Beating Corruption in India

India has come a long way from buyer of technology to one of the best innovator / creator in the technology and IT field. Now indigenous scientific inputs from our young and talented intellectuals help research and development departments, IT Industry in the development of better technology support to businesses, and implementation of public services; the industries are growing like anything; likely to beat the most technologically advanced countries.

Technology Against Corruption

But is this technological advancements help India beat corruption?

“India has become one of the strongest in the world in terms of scientific manpower in capability and maturity”, Dr. Avinash Chander said in Visakhapatnam.

How technology can limit India’s rampant corruption:

Allocation of Unique Identification Number (Adhaar):

Unique Identification Authority has been rolling out a program to use biometrics — a technology. Under the program — which will use iris scans and fingerprints — allocating a 12-digit unique identification number to accurately identify its 1.2 billion residents in the next few years? After successful completion of this project guarantees identification of major opportunity to modernize and reshape the nation. It will help recognize millions of people who are in need of government services, implementation of new payment systems, and most importantly controlling the corruption.

Fake Money:

An increasingly popular weapon in the fight against corruption is fake money. It can be used as a pointer to shaming someone who asks for a bribe. This is the idea behind zero-rupee notes an anti-corruption trick now attracting worldwide interest. The zero-rupee note looks like 50-rupee notes; and it’s a kind of resistance to corrupt officials, govt. Servants.

A Websitehttp://www.ipaidabribe.com:

Ipaidabribe.com is Janaagraha’s unique initiative to tackle corruption by harnessing the collective energy of citizens. You can report on the nature, number, pattern, types, location, frequency and values of actual corrupt acts on this website.

This site encourages residence of India to register and report any sort of corruption you are facing or witnessing. People can register and report recent or old bribes they have paid.

RTI – Right to Information:

RTI came into effect on Oct 12, 2005, but has not been fully implemented in all states and at all levels. RTI requires an aggressive and a massive campaign to inform the people about their fundamental right to information.

RTI is a fundamental right of every citizen buried by the red tape and corruption. But if the right to information is a fundamental right, then why does it need a law? An NRI has used a new Indian law to get his income tax refund without bribing. After waiting for five years without any reply from the income tax office, an NRI lives in Mumbai, filed an application under the Right to information (RTI) Act and got his refund pronto – in fact, in a week.

E-government: It can beat corruption:

It provides services to submit data, make payments, collect feedback – they help citizens or businesses navigate bureaucracy. E-govt. Builds strong relationship between the government and its citizens by improving the direct interaction between govt. And people in the form of collecting or providing information and feedback on various government services. Its technology can be used to collect forms, applications and also for submitting payments reducing the chance of bribe.

Open Data:

It works on the principle of providing raw data available on World Wide Web. Not personal data it allows identification of individuals. It helps businesses grow because people don’t have to fight to access the key information that they would need to make decisions.

India has to make up her mind. Looking forward to a future with technology-driven government; aiding to the governance not replacing it. Latest technology may not be the solution for everywhere, but it can be used to fight against corruption in India.

What India needs is sustainable growth through planning and technology that sparks business growth and reduce corruption.


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